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Welcome to the website of Langdale Technical Consulting

With 25 years of experience in the pro audio industry Langdale is a technical consultancy that prides itself in being able to offer a wealth of advice and assistance in today's diverse and bespoke marketplace, a marketplace that ranges from state-of-the-art recording studios through to educational and medical facilities and onto some of the finest private super yachts afloat on the seas today.

Langdale's philosophy is not to sell equipment but to sell independent expertise and advice in the area of technical system design and implementation.  Whether you need a no compromise technical solution to build a recording facility capable of matching any other in the world or more general advice on system designs for educational or marine AV solutions then we can help.  Once beyond the initial design stage we can offer installation facilities that allow us to build and commission the entire technical system.  Importantly this gives the customer a fully commissioned facility rather than a collection of individually comissioned 'items' from various suppliers.  With an experience and knowledge base that encompasses healthy working relationships with architects, HVAC trades and suppliers we can also offer project management facilities for all projects.

Our aim is to be truly independent and to this end we are not distributors to any of the manufacturers whose equipment we may recommend, we can broker deals but we are not biased towards any manufacturer through the ties of distribution contracts.


  • Langdale is currently working at Factory Studios in London overseeing major technical works that will include the addition of a fully equipped Dolby accredited 5.1 cinema room
  • February has also seen Langdale working at Jamiroquai's private studio
  • Late Dec. and early Jan. saw work at Dean Street Studios handling the technical install for the first commercially based SSL Duality SE in the UK.  The install included all the systems design and development for the room.
  • December has also seen Langdale working at Soho facilities A-bomb and Factory Studios